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  タイトル (原題/邦題) 出演者/監督 (半角英語) カテゴリー リージョン・コード
2 (EUR-PAL) 指定せず
Star Trek: The Original 4-Movie Collection (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray): Star Trek: The Motion Picture / The Wrath Of Khan / The Search For Spock / The Voyage Home
スター・トレック / スター・トレック2/カーンの逆襲 / スター・トレック3/ミスター・スポックを探せ! / 故郷(ふるさと)への長い道/スター・トレック4

定 価   $107.99    
特 価   $80.99 / ¥10,529   (25% Off)
映像仕様  LBX16x9 Enhanced   カテゴリー  Sci-Fi/Fantasy
音声仕様    Dolby Digital TrueHD 7.1 ( English )
Dolby Digital Stereo ( French )
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround ( Japanese )
  制 作    Paramount
画面比率    2.39:1   Disc枚数    8枚
THX    No   発売日    2021/09/07
CC    No   制作国    USA
字 幕    English, Spanish, French, German, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Japanese   映像信号    4K
時 間    523分   ID#    SCI146277
出 演    William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Majel Barrett, Ricardo Montalban, Walter Koenig
監 督    Robert Wise, Nicholas Meyer, Leonard Nimoy
  "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1980, スター・トレック):
New Isolated Score In 2.0
Audio Commentary By Michael & Denise Okuda, Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens And Daren Dochterman
Library Computer
The Longest Trek: Writing The Motion Picture
The Star Trek Universe
Special Star Trek Reunion
Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 001: The Mystery Behind V'ger
Deleted Scenes
TV Spots

"Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan" (1982, スター・トレック2/カーンの逆襲):
Audio Commentary By Director Nicholas Meyer (Director's Cut And Theatrical Version)
Audio Commentary By Director Nicholas Meyer And Manny Coto (Theatrical Version)
Text Commentary By Michael And Denise Okuda (Director's Cut)
Library Computer
- Captain's Log
- Designing Khan
- Original Interviews With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, And Ricardo Montalban
- Where No Man Has Gone Before: The Visual Effects Of "Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan"
- James Horner: Composing Genesis
The Star Trek Universe:
- Collecting Star Trek's Movie Relics
- A Novel Approach
- Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 002: Mystery Behind Ceti Alpha VI
- A Tribute To Ricardo Montalban

"Star Trek III: The Search For Spock" (1984, スター・トレック3/ミスター・スポックを探せ!):
Audio Commentary By Director Leonard Nimoy, Writer/Producer Harve Bennett, Director Of Photography Charles Correll And Robin Curtis
Audio Commentary By Ronald D. Moore And Michael Taylor
Library Computer
- Captain's Log
- Terraforming And The Prime Directive
- Industry Light & Magic: The Visual Effects Of Star Trek
- Spock: The Early Years
The Star Trek Universe:
- Space Docks And Birds Of Prey
- Speaking Klingon
- Klingon And Vulcan Costumes
- Star Trek And The Science Fiction Museum And Hall Of Fame
- Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 003: Mystery Behind The Vulcan Katra Transfer
Photo Gallery:
- Production
- The Movie
Theatrical Trailer

"Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" (1986, 故郷(ふるさと)への長い道/スター・トレック4):
Audio Commentary By William Shatner And Leonard Nimoy
Audio Commentary By Roberto Orci And Alex Kurtzman
Library Computer
- Future's Past: A Look Back
- On Location
- Dailies Deconstruction
- Below-The-Line: Sound Design
- Pavel Chekov's Screen Moments
The Star Trek Universe:
- Time Travel: The Art Of The Possible
- The Language Of Whales
- A Vulcan Primer
- Kirk's Women
- The Three-Picture Saga
- Star Trek For A Cause
- Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 004: The Whale Probe
Visual Effects:
- From Outer Space To The Ocean
- The Bird Of Prey
Original Interviews:
- Leonard Nimoy
- William Shatner
- Deforest Kelley
- Roddenberry Scrapbook
- Featured Artist: Mark Lenard
Production Gallery
Theatrical Trailer
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4K Ultra HD/Blu-rayのコンボセット。4K Ultra HDを視聴するには4K Ultra HD視聴環境が必要です。

4作とも全ての4K Ultra HD、Blu-rayに、オリジナル日本語吹替え音声/日本語字幕付き(製品仕様には表記されていませんが、初期言語設定が日本語設定のBlu-ray機器で再生する場合にオリジナル日本語吹替え音声/日本語字幕付きで視聴出来ます)。