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  タイトル (原題/邦題) 出演者/監督 (半角英語) カテゴリー リージョン・コード
2 (EUR-PAL) 指定せず
The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray): Rear Window / Vertigo / Psycho / The Birds
裏窓 / めまい / サイコ / 鳥

定 価   $69.98    
特 価   $62.98 / ¥9,510   (10% Off)
映像仕様  LBX16x9 Enhanced   カテゴリー  Mystery/Suspense
音声仕様    DTS:X ( English )
DTS HD 2.0 Mono ( English )
DTS HD 2.0 Mono ( Japanese [一部タイトルのみ] )
  制 作    Universal
画面比率    1.85:1   Disc枚数    8枚
THX    No   発売日    2020/09/08
CC    No   制作国    USA
字 幕    English, Spanish, French, Japanese [一部タイトルのみ]   映像信号    4K
時 間    473分   ID#    MYS142100
出 演    James Stewart, Frank Cady, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes, Janet Leigh, Anthony Perkins, Martin Balsam, Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor
監 督    Alfred Hitchcock
  "Rear Window" (1954, 裏窓):
"Rear Window" Ethics: An Original Documentary
A Conversation With Screenwriter John Michael Hayes
Pure Cinema: Through The Eyes Of The Master
Breaking Barriers: The Sound Of Hitchcock
Hitchcock-Truffaut Interview Excerpts
Masters Of Cinema
Commentary With Hitchcock's Rear Window: The Well-Made Film Author John Fawell
Production Photographs
Theatrical Trailers
Re-Release Trailer Narrated By James Stewart

"Vertigo" (1958, めまい):
Obsessed With "Vertigo": New Life For Hitchcock's Masterpiece
Partners In Crime: Hitchcock's Collaborators
Hitchcock-Truffaut Interview Excerpts
Foreign Censorship Ending
The "Vertigo" Archives
Feature Commentary With Director William Friedkin
100 Years Of Universal Featurette: The Lew Wasserman Era
Theatrical Trailer
Restoration Theatrical Trailer

"Psycho (1960, サイコ):
Includes 2 Versions Of "Psycho"
- "Psycho Uncut": The Extended Version Of The Movie As Seen In Theaters In 1960 Is Exactly As Intended By Alfred Hitchcock And Now Available With Additional Footage For The First Time Ever.
- "Psycho": The Most Widely Seen Version Of The Movie Was Edited For Content And Subsequently Used For TV Broadcasts, Theatrical Re-Releases And Home Entertainment Over The Last 60 Years.

The Making Of "Psycho"
"Psycho" Sound
In The Master's Shadow: Hitchcock's Legacy
Hitchcock-Truffaut Interview Excerpts
Vintage Newsreel: The Release Of "Psycho"
The "Shower Scene": With And Without Music
The "Shower Scene": Storyboards By Saul Bass
The "Psycho" Archives
Posters And "Psycho" Ads
Feature Commentary With Alfred Hitchcock And The Making Of "Psycho" Author Stephen Rebello
Lobby Cards
Behind-The-Scenes Photographs
Production Photographs
Theatrical Trailer
Re-release Trailers

"The Birds" (1963, 鳥):
"The Birds": Hitchcock's Monster Movie
All About "The Birds"
Tippi Hedren's Screen Test
Deleted Scene
Original Ending
Vintage Universal International Newsreels:
- "The Birds" Is Coming
- Suspense Story: National Press Club Hears Hitchcock
Hitchcock-Truffaut Interview Excerpts
Production Photographs
100 Years Of Universal Featurettes: Restoring The Classics
100 Years Of Universal Featurettes: The Lot
Theatrical Trailer
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4K Ultra HD/Blu-rayのコンボセット。4K Ultra HDを視聴するには4K Ultra HD視聴環境が必要です。

「鳥」の4K Ultra HD(本編のみ収録)に、オリジナル日本語吹替え音声/日本語字幕付き(「裏窓」「めまい」「サイコ」には日本語収録はありません。全てのBlu-rayには日本語収録はありません)。