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  タイトル (原題/邦題) 出演者/監督 (半角英語) カテゴリー リージョン・コード
2 (EUR-PAL) 指定せず
Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray)
モンティ・パイソン/人生狂騒曲 (1983)

定 価   $29.98    
特 価   $25.48 / ¥3,695   (15% Off)
映像仕様  LBX16x9 Enhanced   カテゴリー  Comedy
音声仕様    DTS:X ( English )
DTS HD 2.0 Stereo ( French )
DTS HD 5.1 Surround ( Japanese )
  制 作    Universal
画面比率    1.85:1   Disc枚数    2枚
THX    No   発売日    2022/09/13
CC    No   制作国    UK
字 幕    English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean   映像信号    4K
時 間    108分   ID#    COM150608
出 演    Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones
監 督    Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones
  The Meaning Of Life 30th Anniversary Reunion
Sing-Along Version
2003 Prologue By Eric Idle
Feature Commentary With Terry Jones & Terry Gilliam
The Snipped Bits: Seven Deleted Scenes
The Meaning Of Making "The Meaning Of Life"
Educational Tips To Prepare You For Life In The Real World
Un Film De John Cleese: A Trailer For The John Cleese Version Of The Film
Remastering A Masterpiece: How To Revive An Old Master
Song And Dance: A Featurette About Two Of The Film's Musical Numbers
Songs Unsung: Alternate Versions Of Original Songs
Selling The Meaning Of Life: In Your Face Promotional Material
Virtual Reunion: The Pythons Together Again
What Fish Think: Go Into The Minds Of Fish
Soundtrack For The Lonely: A Soundtrack For People Watching At Home Alone
シリーズ / 
4K Ultra HD/Blu-rayのコンボセット。4K Ultra HDを視聴するには4K Ultra HD視聴環境が必要です。

4K Ultra HDに、オリジナル日本語吹替え音声/日本語字幕付き(Blu-rayには日本語収録はありません)。